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    It’s really quite simple. QuickBricksOnline is unlike any other Property Management Agency.


Our promises:

From our name alone you can likely garner that one of our main goals is expedience, the sales and lettings game is fraught with endless and often unnecessary delays, causing frustration and financial strain to all parties involved.

Unlike most high-street agents we do not contract you to long periods of representation (3-6 months on average). We tailor each contract to suit the individual client, and we are so confident in our ability to successfully market to fit your needs that we do not feel the need to tie you down with unnecessary and lengthy terms.

When you meet with one of our agents they will gather every detail necessary to get the ball rolling, be that listing your home for sale or rent, finding you a new home to buy or rent, or simply finding you a tenant with our Tenant Finder Service. Once we have everything in order (usually the same day) we will contact you with a tailored marketing plan for your individual needs, this is completely non-binding and any alterations you see fit can be discussed and implemented as you see fit, after all you are the customer, something many agencies forget, but not QuickBricksOnline.

At QuickBricksOnline we pride ourselves on delivering the service we advertise, under the terms agreed upon, and if there is ever a failure in delivering our service that originates on our end we fully own it, and compensate clients accordingly. A trait that is unfortunately lacking amongst the majority of providers in this industry, where bureaucracy and transference of blame is rife.


Our Rates:

Whilst our rates are already extremely competitive and in most cases can’t be beaten, in the rare case you can find one, we will beat it every time (on a like-for-like service), QuickBricksOnline whilst ultimately a business with a bottom line endeavours to provide top notch service at the best price for the customer, and we are proud to be associated with, and to work alongside many local boroughs that provide affordable housing to our most at risk neighbours.

On top of being confident in our pricing for landlords, we don’t fall short when it comes to the interests of potential tenants. We offer the lowest cost to renters currently on the market in the Greater Manchester area, and will continue to do so, many fees so common to the industry are entirely unnecessary and designed solely to maximise profits, and a practice we don’t subscribe to.

There is of course a charge for applications, credit checks and the like, but these are kept to a minimum, and as you will find out are vastly lower than the agencies you see advertising during prime time television shows (That’s where your extra money is going). If there is a saving to be made, QuickBricksOnline pass it directly on to the customer.


Our Team:

We are a team of qualified estate agents, sales people, and marketers, dedicated to our trade, we want your business, we want to provide you with a tailored service at low prices, and we want to do it transparently, accessibly, and as stress-free as we can possibly make it.

Our agents are each individually very capable people and a credit to our company, nevertheless our Head of Sales will personally oversee each client’s account so that you can be assured you are in the best hands at all times, as well as this our Head of Marketing also personally edits and signs off on each new advert we place for you, and will be happy to help with any additional needs you have such as staging your home for sale.

You will be assigned a personal agent upon joining us, this will be your go to person for any questions big or small throughout the process of buying/selling/renting, and if ever in doubt they will not fabricate an answer to make you feel better, they will get you the correct answer the first time, every time.


What we can and can’t do:

As you probably realise, we are not the type of business to beat around the bush so to speak, this is something we have found lacking in nearly every other service available to the public, and we pride ourselves on utter honesty and transparency in all our dealings, you are the customer, and we remember what that means.

This means, if you ask us a question, you will get the answer. If something is possible we will give you all of the options available and help you with your decisions in order to best fit your unique requirements. This also means that sometimes things are just not possible, for example if your home has been valued at £120,000 and you ask us whether or not it is worth chancing your luck and listing it for sale at £165,000 our advice will be, no. Of course the decision in a case like that or any other is ultimately up to you as the client, but we will always give you honest, straightforward, and professional advice to the best of our abilities. Get started by submitting a valuation request with us today.


What to expect from us:

If we haven’t won you over yet with our dedication to integrity, expedience, and honesty, let us tell you a little about the services we provide and what you can expect.

With our Tenant Finder Service, we offer to source, vet, and introduce a suitable tenant or tenants to you within a set timescale of your choosing, all for as little as one calendar months rental price as a one-off-payment (dependent on amount of tenants required and allowed time).

Our Property Management Service promises to do everything it says on the tin, we will not only find your tenant, but conduct viewings, carry out valuations, manage repair work, attend property inspections, and more. This is a contracted service which will last for the duration of a tenant’s residency in your property, and is charged from as little as £30 per calendar month, with an initial set up fee of £150.

The standard Estate Agent Service we offer starts from as little as £595, all of our packages are easily tailored in service (and as a result cost) to fit your needs. Absolutely no hidden fees.

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