How we Guarantee Tenants

With our Partnership program we are able to guarantee tenants in the Greater Manchester Area and in most cases we can have your property full with a quality, credit checked tenant within 30 days.

How we secure your property

We don't just find you anyone. We work hard to make sure you have the best possible tenant in your property. We carry out a full credit check, Identity check and referencing on all our tenants. We also hold a full secured deposit with the Deposit Protection Scheme in case of any mishaps.

I'm a private Landlord, Why should I use you?

Being a private Landlord can earn you a little more money but the risks involved are much higher. Renting your property through a Letting agent allows any perspective tenant to be fully Credit checked, identity checked and vetted by experienced professionals. If something does go wrong you have the support of a professional agent to advise and support you.

How fast can my property be on the market

After a full market appraisal your property can be up For Rent or For Sale within 12 hours!